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Milk & More, one of the country’s leading online grocery and milk doorstep delivery services, is the service of choice for consumers seeking more sustainable and ‘mindful’ ways to shop.  The challenge is to keep it front of mind, while introducing new product lines and ‘reasons to believe’.  Whether that’s by reducing consumption of pointless plastic by choosing refillable one-pint glass bottles, a range of produce available in zero waste, plastic-free or compostable packaging or deliveries made by one of the largest electric fleets in the country.

Positioning the company as ‘the easy way’ for shoppers to buy sustainable groceries and try something new, while reducing their environmental footprint.


Our task was to demonstrate how the environmental credentials of Milk & More fit with the consumer of today, suiting those with busy lifestyles keen to make a positive difference to the planet to create a change in consumer behaviour to live more sustainably.

Working as part of a multi-channel team, Ceres’ role was to raise awareness of the Milk & More offer via relevant consumer media targeting empty-nesters and young family audiences, and using a variety of tactics, including news generation, local and national media outreach, product and people profiles, awards and brand storytelling.


During 2021, 50 pieces of positive media coverage with a reach of over 36m were achieved across national, consumer and regional media consumed by our audience

  • 90% pieces told the story of how Milk & More is helping its customers live more sustainably
  • 70% pieces appeared in media that specifically targeted Milk & More’s core audiences
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