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Love Your Gut

Reinvigorating an annual campaign

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Reinvigorate a 24 year old campaign. Nearly a quarter of a century into this long-term gut health focused campaign, the brief from campaign funder Yakult, was to drive engagement, keep the topic fresh, and help people prioritise gut health self-care by understanding it’s vital role.

The gut is the largest component of the body’s immune system and even has its own brain. This is why it is important to look after it by doing things like eating well, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep. Telling an expert led story for credibility, raising awareness of this, and for driving behaviour change was therefore a key objective. 


“Love Your Gut, Your Second Brain” theme.  This was devised to work in an integrated model and tie together our expert thinking. Expert storytellers Jo Travers, a registered dietitian and nutritionist, and Dr Joan Ransley, who merges her gut health qualifications with food writing and photography allowed for flexible use of opinion, recipes, imagery, practical advice, and experience to feed content into both media and social channels – all focused on an action week in September 2022. We leveraged this with a combination of Facebook ads, daily social posts, videos and website to draw attention and consumer interactions.

The primary audience, was those aged 24-55 in response to research showing this group as  the most active in looking to get and stay healthy, and those with specific gut health issues or challenges, including those represented by the campaign’s partners in the UK.


Evaluation goals centred around engagement and opportunities to see, with quality, thought provoking messaging beyond practical health care advice, link clicks, impressions and video views, increased web traffic:

  • Organic non paid media results included: 37 pieces of editorial coverage achieved against a target of 35. 78% included a web link, 60% included a recipe and 83% included expert opinion.
  • A 13% increase in paid digital spend YOY generated strong increase on all key metrics including a 76% increase in reach (211k vs 120k), 90% increase in impressions (434k vs 229k), 97% increase in link clicks (6.1k vs 3.1k) and 39% increase in video views (39k vs 28k).
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