Food for thought – November 2022

As we do every month, the team have been keeping up with all the top food news, facts and figures and this month our picks include Bounty, Kelvin the Carrot, coffee, turkey’s, eggs and much more…

November 25, 2022
Charlotte Grove
A plate with a question mark on it, with a spoon, fork and knife
November 25, 2022
Charlotte Grove

Cost of living poses a threat to bakery businesses

A report from The Open University revealed how the cost of living crisis is taking a toll on small bakery businesses with the price of ingredients, energy costs and cost of living identified as major threats to businesses over the next year. Despite the ongoing crisis, the report also revealed that demand for artisanal bread has risen over recent years, highlighting the importance of the local baker to communities. (Source: British Baker)

Mars remove, then celebrate, the Bounty

Following their controversial (and well talked about) decision to remove Bounty from Celebrations tubs, Mars  released a new festive ad in which a Bounty bar is reminded that he is still cared for with the tagline ‘You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone’. The advert follows on from 2021’s storyline in which a Bounty falls in love with a brussels sprout. (Source: Independent)

Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot is back, and he’s in store

since 2016 Kevin the Carrot, the face of Aldi’s festive campaign, has become a firm favourite amongst shoppers. This year, Aldi has cashed in with toys and merchandise, resulting in hundreds of shoppers queuing in store.  Aldi even introduced a digital queueing system to deal with demand for the toys. (Source: The Guardian)

Delay your morning brew

Studies found that your morning cup of coffee can actually boost the stress hormone, cortisol. In fact, it’s recommended that coffee is enjoyed later in the day and less often to boost its positive effects including reducing heart disease risk, insomnia and anxiety levels. (Source: Daily Mail)

Toxic diet culture found within TikTok trends

Many young people take to TikTok for restaurant recommendations, recipe inspiration and exercise advice but for some, this is having a negative effect. A recent study found that videos relating to nutrition and weight paint an ‘unrealistic and inaccurate picture’ and can even feed into toxic diet culture amongst teens. (Source: Sky News)   

Price of frozen turkeys soar

Recent data from The Grocer has revealed that the price of a frozen turkey has increased by almost a third compared to last year. The recent bird flu outbreak has resulted in one in three turkeys bred for Christmas dying. This, combined with increased costs farmers are facing, means that shoppers will now be paying an average of £46, while one premium butcher is charging £220.50. (Source: The Grocer / Mail)

UK’s first vegan university

Scotland’s Stirling University has announced they will only be serving plant-based food by 2025 across campus outlets. In a step towards tackling the climate crisis, a majority voted for the change with backing from the Plant Based Universities campaign and BBC presenter Chris Packham. (Source: BBC)

An egg free Christmas

Supermarkets have reported an egg shortage due to the ‘industry’s worst ever bout of bird flu’. Despite some stores such as Tesco, Asda and Lidl rationing eggs, The British Free Range Egg Producers Association are still predicting the shortage to last beyond the festive period. (Source: The Guardian)

Food labels, are they here to stay?

Following the requirement for calorie labelling to be included on food and drink, some experts have called for the amount of exercise needed to burn off said calories to also be listed. However, research from the University of Cambridge, found that this information on labels had no impact on purchase behaviour. (Source: Food Navigator)

A meal to die for

“Highly exclusive restaurant”, “World’s most famous chef”, “Private tasting menu”… sounds like a night we would definitely enjoy. But we may have to think again as The Menu, the latest blockbuster to hit the screens, is far from the ideal dining experience as the guests experience a gruesome turn of events. Will you be booking? (Source: BonAppetit)