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January 01, 2020
Guest Blog
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January 01, 2020
Guest Blog

In our 20 years as a PR and marketing business based near London, the things we are proudest of are the length of our client relationships - some for as long as 17 years -  and of the number of clients who have come as direct referrals from other clients.

We're a food marketing agency with a big difference. It’s easy to fall into delivery mode or routine with the wrong mindset, missing the opinion value, the collaborative thinking and yes, the pleasure of working towards the big picture. Real value comes from understanding, immersion and the 360º approach to a problem.

Based in Reading, just a short train ride from London, our services include:

  • Media relations

  • Social Media & Digitial

  • Content creation

  • Influencer outreach

  • Recipe Development

  • Events management

  • Brand Strategy 

And everything else you need to help your brand grow!