New BeReal App & other App updates

Digital Digest: Joy for creators. We take a look at the latest developments in the ever-changing digital world.

April 27, 2022
Karina Koch
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April 27, 2022
Karina Koch

Just as you think you are starting to understand the world of social media, the algorithms are updated, new features are released and billionaires buy platforms! So, what’s the latest in the ever-changing digital world? Let’s take a look …

Templates for Instagram Reels

Ever found yourself scrolling through reels and admiring the format of the videos you come across? The well-timed visuals (especially when it’s a flawless mix of still image and video) with the latest trending audio track. Well, in a new update that Instagram is trialling currently with some Reels creators, users will be able to replicate the format of the Reels clip they’ve seen to use in their own content! The template will create a framework that matches the time stamps of that Reel which you can then insert your own clips into!

This could be a simple way to not only improve the timing of your Reels, but also to construct better content! Will you be using the template if it is released?

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New ‘Search Insights’ launched for YouTube Creators

In a bid to help creators refine their YouTube strategy, the platform has rolled out its new search insights feature to all creators. This new feature provides insights into what the key topics of interest amongst a creator’s viewers are, along with the search volume of each and the amount of traffic your channel has gained based on the search query. Also within the search insights features is a marker for ‘Content Gaps’ which are search terms that don’t return a high volume of matches, providing an opportunity to create content for searches that are not currently being served many videos.

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The Rise of a New Social Media App – BeReal

Described as ‘the simplest photo sharing app,’ BeReal prompts users once a day to share an image of what they are up to by taking photos using both the front and back cameras simultaneously. Users have 2 minutes to share their photos which then restricts a user’s ability to stage or edit the shots.

With downloads of the app increasing 315% since the beginning of the year, it points to users’ desire for more honest, unedited, and real-life content. As the latest trending social app with a unique function, we’re sure it won’t be long before the bigger platforms start replicating its key features.

Have you downloaded BeReal yet?

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Elon Musk Buys Twitter

If you’ve opened a social media app, read a paper or listened to the radio, I’m sure you would have heard about Elon Musk buying Twitter, but what does that mean for the social media platform? Although Musk himself has admitted that he is still working through his plan, he has vocalised some of the changes he would like to make which include free speech (i.e not silencing certain users like Donald Trump) and lessening the impact of bots by authenticating real people which he could do by forcing people to pay for Twitter Blue at $3 a month. Musk is also looking to give users the opportunity to understand, and even control, how the platform decides what is most relevant to them through “algorithmic transparency.”

So, the core question is will Musk make, or break, Twitter?

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