Breakfast, what we know about it!

This week we’re truly celebrating the morning ritual - and starting in true Ceres style with a feast of breakfast goodies.

March 21, 2022
Naomi Barry
A dish of eggs and tomato in a pan
March 21, 2022
Naomi Barry

This week marks Breakfast Week, the first annual celebration of the most important meal of the day for our client Milk & More. And you could say, breakfast is somewhat ingrained in Ceres too! 

Let me indulge you in a story of our breakfast history… I first met Jennifer and the Ceres team when I was on a student placement at HGCA (now AHDB) in 2003, working on a campaign called Farmhouse Breakfast Week… little did I know that a year later I’d be working at Ceres on, you guessed it, the very same campaign. Growing in success year on year we celebrated the first meal of the day in all its glory, working with experts from celebrity chefs to psychologists to third party partners right across the food chain, developing recipes and travelling the country enjoying regional delicacies, breaking World Records, living and breathing the nutritional benefits – and perhaps most memorably, cooking up a feast for the late Sir Terry Wogan and his Radio 2 team. And even after I left the business, the campaign continued to grow… finally coming to an end in 2016 (17 years young!).

So, imagine my surprise when returning to Ceres late last year, I was met with the news that Milk & More had taken up the mantle, and was organising its very own Breakfast Week! Maybe that makes me a breakfast expert?!

Hands taking pastrys from a tray

This week we’re truly celebrating the morning ritual – and starting in true Ceres style with a feast of breakfast goodies delivered by our very own Milk & More milkman – pastries, yoghurts, eggs, bread, bacon all on the doorstep pre 7am, without any pointless plastic, ready for enjoying in the Ceres Kitchen! Such a treat to mix up the occasion, as it’s fair to say we’re generally a bunch of porridge eaters, with semi-skimmed or oat, and of course toppings too, blueberries, cinnamon, seeds, honey and chocolate spread – we cover most bases here!

But what else have we been up to? We created nine scrumptious breakfast recipes concepts back in December, that were tested and photographed in our Ceres Kitchen, placed competitions with delicious and Stylist, teamed up with chef and broadcaster Matt Tebbutt with his very own recipes, tips and a radio day securing 18 interviews so far, made special deliveries to influencers across our service area, placed interviews with our team of regional media ambassador milkmen and milkwomen, delivered breakfast to all the national radio stations and commissioned research into our favourite meal of the day!

Like I said, we love breakfast! Have I convinced you yet? Breakfast really is the best!

Get involved and set your alarm for Breakfast Week (21st-27th March), organised by Milk & More, it’s time to rethink breakfast. Find out more and get all of the recipe inspiration you need, over at: