Instagram subscriptions and more

Digital Digest: The long, the short, the audio and the subscribers. We take a look at Instagram subscriptions, Facebook reels, Tik Tok long form videos, and other updates in the digital world of social media

Digital Digest: The Long, the Short, the Audio and the Subscribers

As we are almost a third of the way through 2022 (can you believe it?!), we’re taking a look at the latest updates in the digital world of social media …

Influencer subscriber buttons

Officially in early testing stages in the United States, Instagram is looking to give creators more ways to make money with the launch of subscriptions. So far, only 10 ‘lucky’ creators have gained access to this “alpha” test which gives creators the ability to offer their followers paid access to Live videos and stories. Subscribers will also receive a badge that will help them stand out in the comments section.

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As this new feature develops, it will be interesting to see the affect it has on influencer marketing for brands. Will the influencers charge higher fees? Will they reduce the amount of work they do with brands…?

Facebook reels

As short-form video content continues to rise, Meta has now officially rolled out Facebook Reels globally! Similar to Instagram, Facebook reels can be up to 60 seconds long but unlike Instagram, the reels will also appear in a user’s newsfeed whether or not they follow your account. Alongside the launch of Facebook reels, the platform has also launched a Reels Play bonus programme which will reward Facebook’s biggest movers and shakers monetarily based on the performance of their Reels. Unfortunately, this is only available to creators in the U.S currently.

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Tik Tok long form videos

While Facebook (as well as Instagram and YouTube) introduce short form video options, Tik Tok is moving in the other direction. Over the last several years, Tik Tok has been extending the length of its videos from 15s to 60s then 3 minute long videos in July 2021, but the platform has now confirmed it has expanded the video length to 10 minutes in an attempt to compete with YouTube and Facebook.

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With each platform slowly losing their USP and introducing matching features to compete with each other, could we see some of them starting to disappear soon…?

Podcast power

Podcast popularity is at an all-time high, so it’s not surprising to see more platforms focusing on ways to integrate podcasts. LinkedIn has launched its new ‘LinkedIn Podcast Network’ with a range of established creators including veteran tech journalist Alex Kantrowitz. By connecting with the hosts on LinkedIn, you’ll also have the opportunity to open a conversation – making this a more unique experience than traditional podcasts.

Also focusing on podcasts, Twitter is testing a new dedicated tab for podcasts in a bid to make podcasts a bigger focus on their app. This update will likely enable podcasters to create direct links to their podcasts in the app.

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Instagram Creator Tags

Following the backlash against Tik Tok from creators who felt the platform failed to provide adequate credit to the originators of trends, Instagram has launched a new tag type which will enable creators to tag collaborators and influences based on their contribution! This update will provide direct credit to the original creators who influenced the post, as well as a big boost in exposure.

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