International Womens Day 2022

The Ceres team tell us about the inspirational women in their lives.

March 08, 2022
Taryn Connolly
Seven women of different ages and races
March 08, 2022
Taryn Connolly

We’re proud to celebrate the achievements of women every day (after all, we’re an industry heavily influenced by women and were founded by, and still led by, women), but who are the women that have inspired the Ceres team in their own lives.

For International Women’s Day, we asked the Ceres office about the female inspiration in their lives and here’s what they had to say say….

Emily says…

“It’s cliché but it has to be my mum. If I had to summarise in just a few words, I would describe her as courageous, nurturing, and generous. Without her I wouldn’t be in the position that I’m in today or have such determination and ambition in my everyday life. From working hard to making sure I enjoy every possible moment to the fullest. She always had a can do attitude, which was infectious, and gave me the time and confidence to be whole heartily myself. Positive people are hard to come by but that was her and I will forever be grateful to have such an incredible role model. My mum sadly passed away in 2015 but how wonderful that I get to celebrate her on International Women’s Day.

I also want to acknowledge my colleagues and clients who work hard every single day. I’m fortunate to work in an industry that is predominantly women (PR) but also an industry that’s not (food). The collision of skill I see on a daily basis is fundamental to who I am and continue to be as a person. Here’s to all the incredible women bossing it every day!”

David says…

“My grandma. When I think of a strong inspirational women I can't look past her. She suffered from diabetes and then had both her legs amputated later in life. Despite this, and the fact my grandad died when I was just two, she always approached life with a smile. Key example - she collapsed in a supermarket after a diabetic ‘turn’ when on a shopping trip with me when I was about 10. Despite her being the one who collapsed, it was me who was really shaken up afterwards - and she then spent the whole afternoon cheering me up. One of a kind!

Oh, and of course, a special mention for my wife who inspires me and our kids on a daily basis! ”

Kathryn says…

“I really wanted to choose my mum, she is truly inspirational (if not a bit barmy, but aren’t all mums!) but I’m going to choose my friend Louise Wright. Four years ago, she decided she wanted to make running, or shuffling, an exercise for women of all shapes and sizes, of all levels of fitness. Starting as a hobby, quickly becoming a passion, and now turning into a full time vocation, it all started on a wet and windy day in November 2017. 4 ladies (and 2 dogs!) turned up to shuffle around Coombe Hill … but fast forward 4 years and Louise now runs Move, Walk, Run full time, offering six running sessions a week and welcoming over 100 women runners weekly. Louise genuinely believes running makes everything better, not only helping us stay happier and healthier but bringing lovely likeminded women together. As one of those 4 ladies on that wet and windy hill, I am super proud of what Louise has achieved and what an inspiration she is too, and continues to be to all those ladies that run with Louise every week.”

Taryn says…

“I am incredibly grateful to be surrounded by a strong and resilient family of women (from my mum to my aunts, to my cousins and friends), all of who I could easily pick as being a major influence in my life. But when I think about where I am today, and the people who fuelled my love for writing and storytelling, then it’s got to be author Jacqueline Wilson. Most known for her very real (and often straight!) stories for teens, I remember I used to have stacks of them and would read them constantly until the pages were worn. From reading these books, they inspired me to try and write my own (often with very awful drawings to go alongside!) and my love for writing and telling a story through the written word, continued to grow, with every book I read. Her very real stories also helped fuel conversations with family and friends, that may not have necessarily been discussed, without her stories prompting”

Naomi says…

“Now it may sound like a cliché, but for me, my mum is the ultimate female role model. The one I turn to first with good or bad news, she’s level-headed, rational, and always right (because she’s definitely reading this 😉).

We lost my nanny when I was just six months old, and I often think back to how hard it must have been coping with a new baby, moving house away from family, working, running the house and keeping everyone else going.  Fast-forward to years later sitting in one of her lectures to health and social care students, I was truly inspired to follow in her social worker footsteps and embarked in a world of medical school and starting a career in radiography.  While that turned out to be very much not for me, instead I followed my dad’s path into marketing (because he’s always right too).

She’s always there, for me and everyone else and I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather call my mum.”