Ceres' charity support for Christmas

We are donating to two well deserving charities that have been chosen by our team.

December 06, 2021
Jennifer John
Stars and christmas cookies on a slate board
December 06, 2021
Jennifer John

Instead of sending Christmas cards this year to our Ceres friends, we are donating the money to two well deserving charities that have been chosen by our team. Read on to find out who we are supporting this year and why...

Logo for The Trussell Trust

Taryn nominated the Trussell Trust and says: “Christmas is a time for family, friends and most importantly (in our eyes)…food! We all deserve to enjoy food, not only at Christmas time, but all year round, and the Trussell Trust run two thirds of the UK’s food banks. With a vision for a future without the need for food banks, the Trussell Trust team support a nationwide network of food banks and together, provide emergency food and support to communities across the country. 

In 2020/21, Trussell Trust network gave 2.5 million three-day emergency food supplies to people in crisis. As someone who believes nobody should ever have to wonder where their next meal is coming from and having seen first-hand the difference the Trust can make for those who need it most, it’s a charity that has a special place in my heart, and one that I am incredibly glad Ceres has chosen to support this year.” 

Learn more about the work of The Trussell Trust here: https://www.trusselltrust.org/

King's College Hospital logo

Meanwhile Charlotte nominated The Roger Dobson fund, run in partnership with King’s College Hospital Charity, to raise money for research into autoimmune liver disease in children. Charlotte says: “The condition is rare within the UK, but it is specifically rare amongst children, that’s why limited research and treatment exists meaning many children struggle to be diagnosed and treated accurately. Having been diagnosed with the condition myself as a child, I have seen first-hand the lack of knowledge surrounding this condition within the public and medical community itself and the awareness that is needed. 

King’s have treated me since my diagnosis, and I have been lucky to be introduced to the great work the Roger Dobson Fund do with them and for people like myself. That’s why I am grateful that Ceres have chosen to celebrate this charity and can help them continue the great work they do for children.”

Discover more about The Roger Dobson Fund here: https://supportkings.org.uk/pioneering-research-autoimmune-liver-disease

Ceres will also be taking part in Christmas Jumper Day on the 10th December and donating to Save The Children.


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