Reality (TV) bites

The reality shows that Ceres food PR team would love to be on.

November 21, 2021
Emily Cooke
A hand holding a remote control in front of a TV screen
November 21, 2021
Emily Cooke

Who has been watching the latest series of The Great British Bake Off? As foodie fanatics, we certainly have, but as well as swapping ideas on what we would bake each week, it has also ignited our love for television and our favourite reality shows. As you can imagine, it was quite the conversation starter, so we thought we would share  with you what reality shows the team would love to be on. So read on to find out who fancies themselves as a dragon, who's heading to the jungle, and who aims to 'keep dancing...' -  there are some surprises here… 


Jennifer, Director – Dragon’s Den (panel)

If you could wave a magic wand and give me the financial resource to join the Dragons’ Den panel that would be my dream TV reality show.

Supporting new brands to market, advising on strategy and seeing a product fly off the shelves as a result, is just one aspect of my work that I really enjoy. I love working with producers who are so passionate about their creation, sharing their vision and guiding them as to the best way forward.

So, to have the money to be able to invest in some of my dream start up food brands would be fantastic – both great fun to do and very rewarding… just the matter of a few millions to find first!


Kathryn, Director – The Hunted

I think I’d like to have a go on The Hunted, although do I want to be hunted or do I want to hunt the fugitives? Either way this is definitely one of the reality TV shows I find myself shouting at, a lot, how difficult can it be to vanish?! Although, I’m not sure it would make great telly if you choose to hide out in a basement for two weeks, but the idea of keeping moving, flying below the radar, knowing that some of the world’s best investigators are looking for you, how exciting...


David, Senior Account Director -  The Apprentice

For me it has to be The Apprentice. As a show it took me a couple of seasons to get into it but once some friends made me watch the final one year I was hooked. Yes, it’s probably past its peak now but it’s had some classic moments - and some contestants that are so bad you can’t not watch.

So will I be hearing 'You're Hired' or 'You're Fired'? At the very least I can’t do worse than most of them surely. Especially those in PR and marketing who almost always seem to be the worse contestants each year – even at the marketing type tasks. I can never get over how bad most of them are at numbers (or at knowing what things are without googling it). I just need an awful line for the intro video now - something like - "if you want to get to the top you’re going to have to jump on some heads." I mean that’s how it works in Super Mario anyway.


Cat, Account Director – Below Deck

If I could be on any reality TV show, then it would have to be Below Deck. For those who haven’t seen it, the show is a fly on the wall series about what happens below deck on a luxury yacht. The crew members, known as yachties, live aboard the luxurious, privately owned vessels while making sure that meet their clients' ever-changing needs. The “chief stew” role (as they call it) would be a natural fit, as it would tap into my super organised side and need for making clients happy, plus I would get to travel the world in the process. To succeed in the luxury yacht scene you need determination, hard work and a thick skin, all of which are attributes the world of PR have taught me well!


Emma Wheat, Account Director – First Dates (waitress)

If I could be on any reality TV show, it would be as a waitress on First Dates. Not only would I be able to chat to all the daters and get all the gossip, but I would also get to visit the First Dates hotel and hang out with Fred Sirieix himself! One of the very best things would be hearing about all the couples who stay together after the show – I have always been impressed with the number of successful matches on First Dates!


Taryn, Senior Account Manager – Strictly Come Dancing

Lights, camera, sparkle! My ideal reality show to be a part of Strictly Come Dancing. As someone who has been brought up on theatre, dance and music (and never shies away from an opportunity to break out the dance moves!) everything appeals to me about Strictly – from the incredible detailed costumes that sparkle in the light, to the complex choreography that I can only imagine gives a massive sense of pride once achieved. For me, dancing and music is linked to some of the happiest moments of my life, and I have long followed the mantra of you can never be sad when you’re dancing… so Strictly for me is one of the happiest shows on TV. Who could be sad when you are able to spend every Saturday night whizzing around the dancefloor, looking incredible, to a live band? Plus, I love a challenge, so the thought of having to learn and perform a new style of dance each week is something that definitely would keep me on my toes (no pun intended!).


Emily, Senior Account Manager – I’m A Celeb

It has to be I’m a Celeb for me (when it is based in Australia, of course…). I really enjoy my luxuries, so to have that taken away from me and to go back to basics would be challenging, refreshing and a once in a lifetime experience.

I also have a habit of staying within my comfort zone outside of work, so I would like to be pushed into doing something completely different and go into survival mode. Whether that means jumping out of a plane, lying in a box of rats or simply sleeping outside! I also love being part of a team, so would enjoy having to work together in order to get food and treats – although I don’t think I would be able to do the eating challenges… I just wouldn’t tell the production team that one!


Charlotte, Account Executive – Gogglebox

If I could be on any reality TV show, I would definitely pick Gogglebox! Gogglebox is my favourite TV show; no two episodes are the same and yet it never disappoints and never fails to make me laugh. At university, my friends and I would joke about being the right candidates for the job as of course we considered ourselves very funny and obviously spent a lot of time binging TV shows (what you’re supposed to be doing at uni!) And of course, I would love the obvious added benefit to being on Gogglebox… being paid to watch TV and all from the comfort of your own home!


Hannah, Account Executive – Dancing on Ice

I wouldn’t mind a go on Dancing on Ice! I used to watch it with my mum as a kid and I love going ice skating – it’s my go-to activity when I’m at a loose end on a weekend. Whilst I can’t do anything fancy, I have really good balance and I danced when I was younger (the dancers always seem to have an advantage!) That said, I can be nervy on the ice and I doubt I would trust anyone to lift me!

So, do you see yourself as quite the baker and getting an infamous handshake from the one and only Paul Hollywood? Or perhaps you fancy yourself king or queen of the jungle? Do you like throwing shapes on the dance floor (or ice) or getting down and dirty in SAS: Who dares wins?! Perhaps you even fancy yourself as a singer – masked or behind four big red chairs… why not let us know what reality show you would like to be on?