The best flavoured buns reviewed

When it comes to hot cross buns, most of the Ceres team would say that traditional is best, but with so many different flavours available, it would be rude not to at the very least give some of them a try.

March 27, 2024
David Gough
chocolate hot cross buns
March 27, 2024
David Gough

Here’s the Ceres verdict on some of the flavours currently on offer this Easter:


Average score (out of 40):  20

Full of potential but ultimately failing to live up to the hype. These hot cross buns were described as underwhelming by most, with a view that more flavour was needed. Of course, not everyone agreed with some thinking the flavour was actually too sweet!

Verdict: Miss

White Chocolate and Raspberry

Average score (out of 40):  18

Another that failed to impress (yuck was the damning verdict by one taster), the aroma of this one was one of the big disappointments, as well as a feeling the flavours were fake.   

Verdict: Miss


Average score (out of 40):  22

The most distinctive looking of all the flavoured buns, this one impressed more than some of the other sweet options, despite an overall feeling that it was more of a brownie than a hot cross bun. The only bun to score 10/10 in two categories for one taster who was delighted by both the aroma and taste. 

Verdict: Hit


Average score (out of 40):  *️24 – Top Buns!*️

Another that the team felt wasn’t really a hot cross bun, but a cheese scone in disguise. The only savoury flavour on our list it came out top of the taste test, with the verdict being there was just about the right amount of cheese (but to fully enjoy it you’d need to toast it)

Verdict: Hit


Average score (out of 40):  17

One word for this one – divisive. Scores out of 40 ranged from 1 (yes really) to 34 showing that when it comes to food, flavour really is subjective.  One taster described it as odd which is fairly accurate!

Verdict: Miss


Average score (out of 40):  23

One of the more neutral, pleasing flavours, and this clearly showed in the score as this one came second in our test. Reviews called this one fresh, delicious, sweet and bursting with berries – exactly as it should be! 

Verdict: Hit

Jaffa Orange

Average score (out of 40):  20

Another one that split opinion, with scores ranging from 1-31, people either felt this one lacked flavour or had too much. Really there’s no pleasing us passionate foodies!  

Verdict: Miss

With most of the flavours failing to score much above half marks, the big question is would we buy any of them again? The verdict – probably (but we’d all choose different ones!)

After tasting the flavoured varieties, we all still agreed that a traditional hot cross bun was the right way to go…but which one is the best in the shops right now?

Time for another test….