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The digital trends shaping 2024: Part 2. It's becoming increasingly clear that content is dominating the digital landscape, shaping how we interact online, consumer behaviour, and digital marketing strategies.

March 05, 2024
Sam Horsley
March 05, 2024
Sam Horsley

Now that we know what platforms are trending this year (check out Part One if you missed it), let’s take a look into a few other digital trends you need to keep your eye on.

This year we’re set to see even more content production and consumption. From immersive AR and VR experiences to AI-driven personalised feeds, the digital world needs to get ready for a ramp up of content that will entertain, engage, and influence audiences worldwide, setting a new benchmark for creativity.


The movement towards authenticity over polished IS the way forward though. Not every piece of content requires a videographer with pro lighting; sometimes, it's best to keep it raw to showcase authenticity and honesty.

As long as you tell your brand's and your product’s stories and you manage to build a whole experience for your customers, you’re heading in the right direction.

Your audience can’t wait to see how you interact with them on social media and how you show connection with them on the emotional side. So, content you create must have that same feel. Even better, getting the users to create the content they consume for you is the smart way to go and user-generated content from Gen Z, particularly in short form, is expected to gain more of a popularity in 2024

User Generated Content

It’s no surprise, UGC is emerging as the champion for brands aiming to engage their audiences on a meaningful level. Brands particularly favour Instagram and TikTok users who share their opinions and experiences with products and services. By leveraging this user-generated content (UGC), brands can expand their follower base, strengthen their community, enhance brand visibility, and increase engagement rates.

This form of content is created and shared by fans from your brand… and you don’t have to pay them to do so. They bring authenticity to your community. They create content because they already love you. It’s a nice reminder that you need to speak to your community just as much as reach new people.

UGC is reviews, content, engagement and community building. It is there to help build your brand for you. Finding ways to encourage this is where the strategy is. Digital platforms continue to evolve to support this and you need to be ready to grow with it.

Social commerce will increase

Online shopping has been on the rise over the years but with the ease of shopping while you scroll it’s creating a further increase in the social media commerce world.

With the right advertising and platforms making it easier to shop, you will see a boom in sales without a doubt. But this year, as we’ve already mentioned, content creation and ad creative will be a key reason for those increase in sales.

Generative AI

Generative AI is still growing and we’ll all start to use it in some way (we may not even realise we will) but it’s using it to our advantage to either help us produce more content, leverage analytics and data, or even a social caption that you just can’t figure out how to write. But there will be so much more, for example having it manage and automate operation systems.

Even more recently brands are creating AI videos for their social media advertising. Although this can be a great way to save on videoing and editing, there is still a way to go to get this spot on without users realising what they are watching (although the imminent roll out of SORA may be a gamechanger). This is just the beginning…

Of course, AI isn’t going to take your job (although the media would have you think differently sometimes), look at it as your digital personal assistant. Using it to help spark and idea, finding research or even generating an image. But AI will never (or will it?!!) have the emotions of a human to create a piece of content that will resonate with your audience. We’ve all seen AI create images that have people without faces!

This year’s content will make or break your brand presence online. If you don’t feed your audience content they want to consume, then you won’t be able to get your brand message or products to them. It sounds simple but there’s strategies and tactics to put yourself and your brand ahead of the game.

Test and learn your audience.

Create user generated content.

Be authentic.

And if we can help you do any of that we’d love to talk more!