Food For Thought - February 2024

Spotting interesting trends and finding noteworthy food facts and figures is a big part of what we do at Ceres. Here are 10 recent articles, reports and long reads that made us stop and think.

February 28, 2024
Tahina Alexander
February 28, 2024
Tahina Alexander

Gen Z ushering in ‘post-truth media age’, says former No 10 communications chief

Members of Generation Z are shunning traditional news outlets in favour of social media, despite saying they trust its content less, according to a study on the UK’s media habits [Source: Daily Mail]

Food price inflation nears two-year low

Food price inflation fell in February to its lowest rate in nearly two years, driven by easing energy and fertiliser costs and fierce competition among retailers to keep prices down [Source: British Retail Consortium]

Poorer families buying less fruit and veg with three million children in food poverty, report finds

Data from The Food Foundation charity has shown that 60 per cent of food insecure households surveyed last month said they are buying less fruit than they do usually. Some 44 per cent also said they were buying fewer vegetables than normal in January 2024. [Source: The Guardian]

Mini Eggs soar by up to 28% in inflation-busting price hikes

Mini Eggs are one of the nations favourite treats – but some could be put off buying after seeing the chocolate snack has risen in price by up to 28%. [Source: i news]

How the cult of the supermarket loyalty card robbed us of normal prices

As Tesco is forced to overhaul its Clubcard price displays over accusations that customers can’t spot the best deals, there are questions as to why loyalty schemes have gone from ‘nice-to-haves’ to practically mandatory. [Source: The Independent]

Hybrid food just got weirder – now beef can be grown inside rice

South Korea have grown real beef cells inside rice grains for the first time, creating what they describe as a ‘nutritious and flavourful hybrid food’. [Source: Metro]

Spotify sees 31 million new subscribers sign up in 2023 despite increasing the price of its monthly subscription

Another 31 million paying customers signed up to Spotify last year amid the growing popularity of podcasts. [Source: MSN]

M&S sales growth outpaces Aldi after winning back middle-class shoppers

Marks & Spencer’s sales are growing faster than Aldi, data has shown, as it lures more middle-class shoppers through its doors with lower prices. [Source: The Telegraph]

AI will not be mass destroyer of jobs

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will not be a "mass destroyer of jobs" and human workers will learn to work with new technologies, claims the governor of the Bank of England. [Source: BBC News]

Meta tests cross-posting from Facebook to its Twitter/X competitor, Threads

Threads may be about to get another big boost from parent company Meta. The company has been spotted testing a cross-posting feature that would allow Facebook users to post to both platforms at the same time, using the same feature that was originally available for cross-posting from Facebook to Instagram. [Source: TechCrunch}