Re-share. Remove. Refresh

The social and digital world is constantly evolving, so let’s take a look at the latest updates and how they impact users, content creators and brands…

Instagram continues to keep things reel

Have you shared your new reel to your IG story but due to the 15-second time restrictions, the story ends before you get to see the best part of your reel?

Well content creators around the world rejoices when it was reported that Instagram is now testing the ability to share full Reel videos within a story, instead of just the first 15 seconds.

Recognising that people tend to share content via stories and DMs more than re-sharing to their feeds, Adam Mosseri - Instagram chief, is making Reels a key focus for Meta and the integration with stories hopes to re-ignite usage growth and retain them within the app for longer. 

On the subject of reels, Meta continues to add in new features to make it easier for people to edit reels in app (bringing together video clips, audio, stickers and texts on a unified editing screen) and monitor performance.

These changes include two new metrics – total watch time and average watch time 

Are you verified?

Don’t lose your blue check! In April  Twitter began to remove ‘legacy’ blue checkmarks meaning if you didn’t pay for it… you would lose it!

The new system, of course, came under heavy criticism.

This criticism didn’t stop Meta from swiftly following suit, with its own verification system launching earlier this month across Facebook and Instagram (although you have to pay separately for each platform). The subscription, aimed at creators, comes with perks like proactive impersonation protection and customer support.

LinkedIn have also announced new verification tools, but unlike Twitter and Meta’s there is, currently, no subscription or blue check marks

A reboot and a bot for TikTok

TikTok taking you down a rabbit hole? Need to get that algorithm rebooted. The good news is that now you can refresh your news feed and start again! 

Yes, you read that correctly, an algorithm refresh – perfect if you no longer like the videos being recommended to you. And proving yet again, that TikTok is ahead of their competitors whose social media apps do not have this function.

Another feature currently being tested is an AI chatbot. With ChatGPT and other AI chatbots at peak hype levels, its not surprise to see TikTok and other platforms testing their own versions.   

LinkedIn focus on community and collaboration

LinkedIn has seen increased growth over recent years, but that may be slowing down. Certainly owners Microsoft have stated that a drop in demand is responsible for axing more than 700 job roles earlier this month.

Meanwhile it comes as no surprise to hear that LinkedIn is also taking steps towards including Artificial Intelligence! In a move to help enable more members to gain more exposure for their expertise, LinkedIn has announced a new initiative called Collaborative Articles, which utilises AI-generated prompts to then call on specific users for their expertise and input.

The Collaborative Articles will be highlighted in the LinkedIn feed, include the number of LI members who have contributed as well as providing a button to add your own perspective to the AI-created piece.

Along with this new addition, LinkedIn is also rolling out a new “Community Top Voice Badge” in key skills areas which will provide incentive for professionals to provide their advice, knowledge and experience on these Collaborative Articles. The new badges will be valid for 60 days at a time, encouraging users to continue to contribute in order to keep that recognition.